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December 3, 2012
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Weiss Pistol details by Spex84 Weiss Pistol details by Spex84
I needed something to do this afternoon, so I did a quick n' dirty model of a concept from last year.
Some aspects are still very unresolved, but it was never meant to exist beyond the original sketch!
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I like this. It gives me some writing ideas.
Sagittarius-A-star Feb 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ha ha, funny weapon, reminds me of "Blade Runner" in that the pistol is some pew-pew laser weapon but still looks like an old fashioned snub-nose revolver. The design seems deliberately old-fashioned, does a laser really need to be cocked? :) I still say the trigger guard should extend all the way, someone is going to fry their family jewels when they try to conceal that. It is interesting to see the whole energy cell. Does that energy cell contain multiple shots, or is this more of a single-shot weapon? Or can you adjust the settings so that it either fires multiple low powered bursts or dumps the whole charge in one lethal blast?
This thing was conceived as a mostly single-shot weapon, like a derringer. Totally disposeable. Maybe it could have enough power for a few rounds, but not more than 5 or so.
I was definitely inspired by Blade Runner...that gun is rad.
YEAH! Now this brings it into perspective. this is awesome. Well I haven't started the gun build yet but i did get all of the materials, even the tool cutters for the specific dimension of this gun, I bought two pachmayr hand gun grips. Seeing this gun in these (new) drawings, I think I'll change the way I was going to machine the body. My first thought was make it a solid body, out of aluminum. Again, seeing the gun in these angle I think I'll machine this project in halves and each half having 1/8th inch thickness all around then we can make it as your original thought, of sheet metal. I know this goes with out saying...but, MAN YOU"RE A VERY GOOD DESIGNER. I really like the energy cell and I was thinking of using a blue led sequential chaser, much like this:


this way the energy cell looks as if it's pulsing when you put it in the cartridge deck. I would also be using blue plexi surrounding the LED and in case it just as you have it drawn above. I love the ejection port. we'll keep that, incorporate it in the build. Ya know what, maybe I'll start the build this weekend. i'll keep you posted, of course.
Sounds cool! I'm away for a few weeks now, but feel free to keep me posted anyway. Good luck :)
undeamed Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
what does it fire?
It's basically a "pew pew" sci-fi energy weapon. So it would fire something like a star wars blaster bolt...kind of like the guns in "6th Day".
pansejra Dec 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Nice design, but the trigger guard should be there, otherwise the gun might shoot while not needed, thought.
ArrayOfStars Dec 4, 2012
Nice design :)
sameh-koko2 Dec 3, 2012   Digital Artist
nice work :)
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